– Is This the Place to Buy Your Next Drone? – Is This the Place to Buy Your Next Drone?

August 22, 2018 6 By Scott Hinkle
Spread the love has become to go-to place for online shopping. From daily necessities to electronics and beyond, you can usually find what you’re looking for here. is not the only place to find drones online so the question is “Is this the place to buy your next drone?”.

This post is the third in a series, reviewing options to choose from when purchasing your drone. So far we’ve reviewed Dynnex Drones and ordering directly from DJI. Let’s see how Amazon fares.


Drone PackageWhat does Offer?

I have to say this is where really shines. They pretty much offer everything. From drones, accessories, bags and 3D printed add-ons to anything else drone related, chances are, has it available for purchase. When compared to DJI or Dynnex Drones, offers a lot more selection. DJI focuses on their own offerings and Dynnex Drones leans more toward drones, drone packages and the higher-end ($$) accessories., on the other hand, offers the same as the others but also offers non-DJI branded products (beating DJI in this category) and the lower-cost accessories such as extra props and what not and so on (besting the selection options of Dynnex Drones).

If you’re looking for drone accessories check out my DJI Mavic Pro Accessories – The Must Haves post. It focuses on accessories for the Mavic Pro but many will also work with, or have versions for, other drones.

Amazon PrimeWhy Choose Over Someone Else?

There are a few reasons to consider over other options:

  • Convenience – Maybe you’re an Amazon Prime member and want to take advantage of that free shipping (if the order qualifies).
  • Financial – Perhaps you have some gift cards burning a hole in your virtual pocket or the credit card that needs a little love.
  • Return Policy – has one of the best no-hassle return policies you can find. I recently redid my kitchen and most of my accessories from faucet to lighting came from During that period there was a lot of buy and return action as I tried to find the perfect fit for the new-look.
  • Stock – It can be as simple as them simply having what you want in stock. Many times, when you’re looking for that just-released item, you can find it in-stock from one of the sellers on when other options are currently out of stock.
  • Package Options – As I mentioned, offers drones, drone packages, done accessories and so much more. You may find a package containing most, if not everything, you’re looking for as a single purchase option or at least be able to find it all and add it to a single transaction through vs having to piece it all together and make multiple transactions elsewhere.

No AmazonWhen Should I Not Choose

Believe it or not, there are times when you may not want to order from Here are some reasons to consider ordering elsewhere:

Stock – If it’s out of stock and you need it now. If you find it somewhere else and they have it in stock, grab it while you can. There’s no way to really tell when will have it back in stock.

Financial – If you have credit with another supplier, and it will save you some cash, grab it there.

Seller Concern – It should be noted that just because it’s listed on doesn’t mean it’s actually sold by or fulfilled by does a lot to vet their sellers but, on occasion, you can find a bad apple. Make sure to check the seller and verify how the orders are fulfilled (i.e. Orders Fulfilled by Amazon vs Sold by Bob and Mary from Idaho, etc.). Checking reviews of the sellers as well as the item being purchased may be helpful in making a decision. Just keep in mind that a low number of reviews may indicate a new seller or new item and may not give you a realistic impression. Sellers and items with numerous reviews tend to be more reliable.

Save MoneyCan I Get it Cheaper Somewhere Else?

It’s possible. It’s also possible to find it cheaper on itself. What? I can find it cheaper than on Yes…

One of the advantages, and disadvantages, of buying through is there are multiple sellers and multiple listings for the same items. Don’t just click buy from the first match you find. Look around, sort by price, compare package offerings and so on. You may find one seller offering the same package or one very close for less. Just be sure to compare the following:

  • Price – Is it a better deal?
  • Package Contents – Are you comparing apples to apples?
  • Fulfillment – Who fills this order?
  • Stock – Is it in stock?
  • Location – Is it coming from a nearby location or another continent?
  • Reviews – Are there more than a handful? Are they primarily positive?

Before buying on, make sure you’ve checked your other sources as well. Every now and then you might find a great deal, sale or even discount code offered elsewhere. One example is the $10 discount code I offer in my Dynnex Drones post. It’s not a huge savings but $10 is $10.

Conclusion is a great option for your next drone purchase. With excellent package offerings, an enormous selection of drones, accessories and sellers, great return policy and reputation, it really is a one-stop shop for most of your drone needs. Is this the place to buy your next drone? Before you make your decision, perform a quick search and see what they have to offer. Maybe you’ll find the perfect fit for your needs in a single purchase.

Have you purchased a drone or drone accessories from in the past? Interacted with them and want to share your experience? Did I miss something you think should be included in this post? Let me know by commenting below.

If you’ve decided that is the place for you, please consider using the links below when placing your order.  You don’t need to necessarily purchase the item linked to but, if you follow the link and then place an order, I will receive credit for referring you:


DJI Mavic Air

DJI Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic Pro Platinum

DJI Mavic 2 Zoom

DJI Mavic 2 Pro

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