About Mavic Maniacs

About Mavic Maniacs

March 22, 2018 2 By Scott Hinkle
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Welcome to Mavic Maniacs!

A Little About Me

Ever since I was a kid I’ve always been interested in remote control planes and helicopters. At the time these things were beyond my financial reach (I’m talking $1000+ back in the late 80’s & early 90’s) and quad copters weren’t around yet. What I really wanted was a remote control Air Wolf style helicopter and dreamed about even arming it with model rocket launchers (another hobby of mine back then).

Now that I’m a bit older I don’t pursue the model rocket game anymore, have moved into the quad copter arena and realize that arming my aircraft is probably not the best idea. I’ve had a couple of Phantom 2’s and loved them but now I have the Mavic Pro. What an advancement! I absolutely love this thing.

I now have my FAA Part 107 UAS license and have dabbled in making money on the side with my Mavic.

Learning Curve

The first thing I did was research, research, research. Is the Mavic a good fit for me? What are the reviews saying about the Mavic? What are the pros? What are the cons? What are my purchasing options? Can I finance it? Can I make money with it? What are the legal obligations? What accessories will I want/need? and on and on and on.

The searches were extensive and the opinions vast. Just finding answers lead to more questions and of course person x and person y had totally different opinions which oddly did help me because when they provided their reasons for their views it opened my eyes to things I hadn’t considered before.

Another frustrating experience came from reading forums. Most responses to people’s questions were polite and helpful however others were down right rude and nasty. If someone had asked a question that had already been asked, instead of helping that person by simply answering it or referring them to the existing thread people would actually spend more effort in belittling them. The same would happen for the proverbial stupid questions.

The worst part of all of this was how many places I had to go to get answers to all of my questions. There were times that I had 20 or more tabs open to various sites. It was to the point I was driving myself crazy.

Why This Site?

To provide a single place for all Mavic owners (or wishful owners) to interact and share with each other.
To provide a friendly encouraging environment where people can post questions, answers, reviews, even simply the “Hey guys check out my latest video” type of post.

My vision for this site includes forums that cover the above topics and many, many more. My hope is that as the community grows this site and it’s ability to help others grows with it.

If there’s a topic, category or feature that you think will make this site better please let me know and if you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

I want this to be the best Mavic site on the net!

All the best,

Scott Hinkle


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